Get active with GActive!


Health and fitness is on the rise here in Manila with more and more people hitting the gym and nutrition aisles. Bloggers and other trendsetters are also advocating the healthy lifestyle to their readers and fans. A huge part of this trend is the variety of workouts and fitness routines to help sculpt your ideal body.


And what better way to fuel your workouts than with Gatorade’s newest product, GActive! This sugar-free, flavored, electrolyte water poses the question, what if your water was as active as you?

Well, lucky personalities and bloggers were able to put this to the test during GActive’s official launch at One Canvas, Makati. They were treated to a hybrid workout with top coaches and celebrity fitness buffs like Raymond Gutierrez, Maggie Wilson, and Aubrey Miles, to name a few.

To officially introduce this new innovation among the sports beverages, IMMRSV ASIA had the honor of producing the product reveal video on a panoramic LED Wall.


Although the event was close-knit and had a cozy number of attendees, it was well-attended by celebrities, fitness bloggers, and the media; receiving great coverage and live feeds. We hope that for a powerful launch, we delivered an equally powerful and impactful visual presentation.


Prayerful start to 2017!



We have started the New Year off on the right track with our very first event being the Feast of the Black Nazarene.


Held in the Quiapo Basilica in Manila, the celebration is actually a procession and reenactment of the Passion of Christ using a life-sized, dark skinned statue of Jesus. Thousands of devotees participate in this annual affair, while millions more look on.

This year, we have been honored with the opportunity to provide LED Walls, lights, and sounds during the Midnight Mass of the Archbishop of Manila which kicks off the procession.

We have been truly blessed to have this as the first major project of the year. We sincerely pray, along with the millions of other devotees, that this year be a prosperous one for the Nation and for the whole World.


SM MOA Arena- From June 7 to 12, 2016 it is a battle of Heroes VS Heroes as 16 prominent teams the world over fight to win the coveted prize pool of 3 Million USD. This event is the third in a row of Valve’s DOTA Major Championships.

The competition can be viewed by livestreaming internationally at certain websites dedicated to gaming.

A setup of equally major proportions, we took on the challenge with great gusto. With a technical rider composed of

– 740 Sqm of LED Walls
– Controlled by Watchout System
– Total of 381 Lights (partnered with PMX)
    – 20 units Fresnel
    – 4 units Super Sharpy
    – 123 units Sharpy
    – 30 units Mythos
    – 39 units Viper
    – 68 units Wash
    – 94 units Moving Heads
    – 3 units Followspots
    – Grandma 2 and Grandma lite Lighting Controllers
– Sound System
    – 48 units of JBL VTX 20
    – 16 units of JBL VTX S28
    – Midas Pro 2 Auido Console
– 2 Units Laser (30 watts, 20 watts)
We were truly pressed to deliver a production worthy of Champions.
Aside from the technical aspects, our sister company IMMRSV ASIA handled the production management of the opening ceremonies. Click the video below to view the whole Opening Number and Team Introductions.

We have been very blessed and thankful for this opportunity to work within international standards and to showcase what we are capable of. Video Sonic would like to thank the PGL Team for trusting us to provide them with excellent equipment, Director Paul Basinillo for the wonderful opening ceremony, Buganda dance group, and Lissa del Valle for lending her amazing voice.

This has truly been a wonderful opportunity for us and has even garnered much appreciated attention in our local industry.

AVL Times Magazine Feature

Lastly, we truly hope that this will be an award-winning production as the event was nominated in the eSports Industry Awards 2016! Announcing of winners will be on November 21, 2016 at London. We will be keeping our fingers crossed till then.


Star Magic Ball

We have been steeped in the entertainment industry recently, and of course it is a wonderful experience!

Recently, we were given the great opportunity to provide technicals at the Star Magic Ball! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the music and the night’s entertainment; especially getting a chance to show off some moves on our LED Dance Floor.

Wonderful time at the Star Magic Ball!



Video Sonic would like to thank ABS CBN for once again putting their trust in us to deliver wonderful LED applications. We were blessed to have provided the main LED spectacularly framed by classic columns, as well as a very modern DJ’s booth aside from the LED Floor.

It’s Showtime! Projection Mapping

The cast, after a successful performance!

Oct. 21, 2016 at ABS CBN- For the segment #Magpasikat2016ViceKuyaKim on the noon time show, It’s Showtime, we prepared a very special projection mapping production. 

In a moving interactive performance, Vice Ganda and Kuya Kim portray the lives of a father and son who strive to find acceptance from each other, and within themselves. It was truly an amazing eye-opener and inspiration with regards to the fight for Gender Equality.

Video Sonic and IMMRSV ASIA would like to thank ABS CBN, the Showtime Team, and especially Vice Ganda for granting us this opportunity to create such a meaningful production with them and for trusting us explicitly. Good luck to Vice and Kuya Kim! We sincerely hope they win!

PBA Opening 2015

It was the start of PBA Season again last October 2015. And, as basketball is every Pinoy’s favorite sport, it only follows that we begin the season with high impact.

We put together an Opening Performance that was inclusive of lasers and LED Floor,  as well as a riveting dance number by Buganda; wherein they performed on hover boards. Not only that, they were joined by “Giant PBA Players”.

You’d have to see it to believe it! Click the video below to see the highlights of the performance.

The show was directed by Paul Basinillio, events management by Events.Work, lasers by IMMRSV ASIA, and of course, technicals by Video Sonic.

Let the Beat Rock!

                    The MOA Music Hall was packed with press and motorcycle enthusiasts eager to witness the launch of Honda’s newest line of bikes, The Honda Beat K25!

                    Inspiring everyone to Let Your Beat Out, these motorcycles embody the passions that drive us; whether it be sports, music, or other various art forms.


                    True to the tagline, the launch started off with an exciting 3 on 3 basketball tournament among amateur teams.



                      Next came an intense Dance Competition wherein the judges had a tough time deciding the Grand Champion. All the participating crews were just incredible to watch!



                       But the night’s highlight was truly a performance to witness. Professional Dance Team Whiplash nailed that opening number! They really captured attention and drew the audience in anticipation for the reveal of the Honda Beat.

Slide2 Slide5

                         The audience were wowed when the center LED opened up and each bike variety in the series was ridden out by their endorsers: college basketball star Ricci Rivero, DJ Katsy Lee, and skateboard champ, Demetrio Cuevas.



Slide9 Slide4

                      This project was a fun challenge for us to work on because never had we experienced having motorcycles driven amidst the audience. The stage design was also a first and unique for us, as we had a lot of elements within the show to consider.




                         In the end, we were ecstatic to have the show go well and everything worked harmoniously. In managing this event, we too let our beat out.